What you need to know about Windows 10

Yes, Microsoft is literally giving away Windows 10 for free to anyone running Windows 7 or 8.1 (sorry Vista and XP folks, you’re outta luck). Microsoft is also putting a notification on your computer to provide information and an easy way for you to upgrade. And you know what? Windows 10 is actually pretty awesome! It’s fast, it’s pretty, it has just enough “new” to be fun, but enough “old” to feel comfortable - including the Start Menu! But we’re talking upgrading to an entirely new operating system here, and Microsoft is expecting almost a billion people to install it themselves.

How could this possibly go wrong?

Upgrading to a new operating system isn’t (traditionally) for the faint of heart. Gauging system compatibility, software compatibility, pre-upgrade backup, etc... is enough to keep the average user far away from such attempts. In our testing, the upgrade went better than expected, but we have fairly new hardware and up-to-date software. Using older computers and old versions of software will likely cause significant problems. And if something goes wrong, it can go VERY wrong. From losing your programs or family photos, to a complete lock-down of the PC, there are any number of problems you could experience from a failed upgrade. Should you choose to tackle this on your own, remember, create a FULL system backup first and make sure you have your original disks available in case you have to reinstall your original copy of Windows, give yourself several hours to go through the whole process, and try to have a second computer or phone available so you can look up any questions that may arise during the upgrade.

So what does Your|I.T. recommend?

Business, you should probably pass and just wait for Windows 10 on your next PC. There are just too many things that could go wrong, and we don’t imagine having your entire office down for a day or two is practical. You should also tell your employees not to click that shiny Windows icon in the system tray. Now, if you really want it, pricing for business customers that wish to upgrade is available on an individual basis. Please contact Chris for more information at 367-9090.

Residential users, If you have Windows 7 and are happy with it just stay where you are. If you have Windows 8.1 and REALLY don’t like the new “Modern” interface and you just have to have that old Start Menu, it might be worth looking into... as long as you’re aware of the risks. However, if you decide you have to have it, obviously, we can help. As I said at the start, Windows 10 is pretty great, and you may decide you really want or need it, but aren’t comfortable installing it yourself. Your|I.T. has put together some options to help you.

 *Windows 10 is a MAJOR system upgrade and is not covered under Business Management Contracts or YourIT@home. Should you choose to perform this upgrade and need assistance, it will be provided outside of any existing service agreements.

Residential / Home Office Pricing

In-Place Upgrade - $150

Quickest, cheapest way to get Windows 10 installed through us, but performance isn’t as great as our other option.

This will keep most of your existing programs and settings. You may need to reinstall or replace some older software and printers.

It will keep your files and folders.

We will also perform a backup of your DATA before we begin and burn it onto a DVD for you (up to 15GB, any larger will be extra depending on the final backup size).

Clean Installation - $200

This option is slightly more expensive, but has shown to provide better performance than an upgrade.

ALL YOUR SOFTWARE AND PROGRAMS WILL BE DELETED. We will reinstall up to 3 software titles that you provide (i.e. Office, Quicken, etc...)

It will keep most of your settings.

It will keep your files and folders.

We will also perform a backup of your DATA before we begin and burn it onto a DVD for you (up to 15GB, any larger will be extra depending on the final backup size).

Add pickup, delivery, and one hour in-home setup - $150.

This will include picking up your computer from your home, redelivering when service is complete, hooking everything back up, verifying that your printer and network are functioning, a 20 minute overview of Windows 10, and a “Getting Started’ page.​