Learn how to get your office prepped for business as usual amid the coronavirus pandemic

Cut through the chaos of COVID-19 and ensure that your business is able to continue to deliver a high standard while navigating home working and a distributed workforce.


We want to help in any way we can, so have put together the resources below. We’re not trying to cause people to react out of fear but aim to educate business owners on their options for remote working. We understand that not every solution will suit every business, but with the fast pace of decision making needed right now, it’s important to make those decisions based on facts, putting the security, efficiency and safety of their business, team and clients at the forefront. This page will be regularly updated as new content becomes available.

Business as Usual

Your Urgent Coronavirus Checklist to ensure your team can work as normally as possible from home.


Work From Home Readiness Self-Assessment

A 10 question self-assessment to help business determine if they’re prepared to work from home.


Bring Your Own Device Guide

7 crucial steps to keep your company data safe on your staff's devices.


Remote Working AMA

A recording of our 20 minute “Ask Me Anything” we hosted for business owners seeking answers to their most pressing remote working questions.

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